The Stories You Could Tell

For the past seven years, I’ve been a part of This Old Horse, photographing events and their horses. At their Wishbone Ranch in Hastings, they have a paddock of blind Mustang stallions that have drawn me in since my first day of meeting them.

One of the horses in particular, Casanova, has truly captivated me. I’ve found a kinship with him, despite only getting to observe him from a distance. His body shows his past, once a free and sighted stallion, now safe and happy with his brothers here in Minnesota. I often wonder what stories he has behind his eyes. I wonder what those eyes saw out in the wild, the terrains he saw, and the babies he fathered. I wonder what he would say, if he could, about how his life transformed and how much he is loved now.

He has a brother that looks like his twin. Some days, I can barely tell them apart, but Casanova’s distinct facial features differentiate him between his stallion brother.


Photograph of a blind mustang stallion named Casanova at This Old Horse in Minnesota